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Have Pictures And Graphic Novel Books Become A National Obsession

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Films and post-Apocalyptic books have already been getting quite a bit of focus in recent years; Films like I Am Legend and Cormack McCarthy's novel The Road for example have had critical acclaim and tremendous success. It's plenty of individuals wondering why there is such a sudden upsurge in fiction of this genre.

Looking back in recent history the rise could be easily identified by you in Post Apocalyptic Novel fiction against the political age. The early 60 s crisis, saw a growth in folks desire for nuclear war themed movies. But it wasn't merely the anxiety of nuclear annihilation that fanned the flames of Hollywood's burning fixation with Armageddon. The publics knowledge that both the American and Russian military were running secret experiments in biological weaponry, was also added fuel to the fire. And so we had a plethora flavours to choose from; anything from flesh eating zombies and plagues to rogue meteors, along with the good old fashioned atomic holocaust.

So just why the sudden increase in the "end of the world" movies? Are we still getting or is this something else? Perhaps the simple facts are the fact that we've always been in an age of fear. The dynamic of the human encounter was altered forever when the very first nuclear bomb detonated. It's now painfully apparent that whether folly or by design, the greatest threat to human existence is man Oppenheimer. After all our future may only be as safe as an air seal in a military lab someplace. The fact remains the possibility of human induced Armageddon, is now forever etched to the psyche that is human and that's reason enough for our fixation with Graphic Novel fiction.

Certainly you could be among those apocalypse survivalist that prefer traversing the burnt out ruins of America in your handy old Doc Martins, but for the ones that want to experience the hallways of Armageddon while riding a mechanical orgasm then search no further.

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